Long Drives, Nap Times, and Walks

“I need some time to get away where only You could ever take me away!” – Take Me Away by BarlowGirl (2005)


The past month I have taken a lot more time than normal to unplug and to spend time communing with Father. It really all started two months ago when one of my best friends and I decided to spend a couple days in prayer over situations in our lives.

After taking the time to do that I started making it more routine and the past month it has been my practice to take as much of the two hour naptime at work as I can to just meditate on the Word and listen to Father.

There have also been several days when those near two hours were not enough and I have taken to laying out in my side-yard on a picnic blanket and taking time in His creation. The other night I sat on the porch swing in my backyard and walked the backyard while praying and recounting things I have been reading in His Word. However, as Bobby Allen said at the first ever Converge conference, Father loves to go on drives. That is what He and I have been doing the most of lately. Hour drives around Lima, no music on, as a way of unplugging and spending time with the Lord.

Unplugging and sitting in silence, asking God to speak to you can be scary. It is in those moments that He most often hits us with the hard things in life, things we need to work on or trust Him with. This past month for me has been no exception. A lot of what He has shown me I already knew, but was in denial about it. God holding a mirror up to you and going, ‘look at these issues we need to work on’ is never fun, but it is so worth it! Right now He and I are working on a places in my life such as habits that I have that I hate and need worked out, going to the next level of trusting Him (a lesson we are all continually learning), and learning how to study His Word without the mindset of, “how can this apply to myself”, but instead with a mindset of, “what does this passage teach me about Father and His character”.

It is easy for us to talk to other people, regardless if that is in person, text, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. It is a little hard for us to keep up constant conversations with our Lord. The past month Father has challenged me to not share so much about my life with those around me as a way to process things (extroverted/eternal processor problems), but instead to talk to Him about it. At first this was really hard as I felt like I had so much to tell certain friends about various aspects of life. As the month went on however, it got easier and easier. I now have discovered a new habit, going to Father first, about everything, instead of to man.

I am not saying all of this to try to encourage you to delete Facebook (though some people like my little brothers’ may decided to go that route in life) or switch back to a flip phone (though if you want to follow my little brothers’ example again that is totally cool), or to become a loner vary rarely talking to other humans. I am saying this because I personally was not liking how my mind gets so wrapped up in checking my phone or being with people that I forget to spend time with the One who matters most.

In church on Sunday one of my favorite Sunday School teachers I have ever had spoke about his testimony of the past few months. It was so good and powerful, but he did say something directly to the young adults in our church and it stuck out to me. Perhaps because he made such a point of making sure we all knew it was too us. Perhaps it was because of my relationship with Father the past month to two months. Or perhaps it was because Father was speaking to me in that moment. Regardless the reason, what was shared was the importance of coming back to our First Love, and making our First Love our First Love once again and the importance of “finishing well”.

Those of you who know me well know that I desire to be a wife and mother. For a while that nearly consumed me, until the day I realized I was making an idol of this future idea. That was years ago and I have since then learned that if those desires go unfulfilled that I will be alright, because I have my First Love, Jesus Christ. Lately I have been struggling a bit with waiting for Father to bring the right man into my life. I have not been struggling with my singleness (I rather enjoy it most days), but with so many of my friends getting engaged, and that being a burning desire in my heart, added with my need to plan things out I have been questioning more and more when this man will come into my life and how that will play out.

Father has been reminding me the past couple months that He has a plan and regardless how a husband fits into it or not, that is not my primary concern. My primary concern is my relationship with Him above all else; a sentiment that was confirmed through the teaching on Sunday morning.

I encourage you all to take even an hour a day to unplug completely and to commune with Father, simply being in His presence and allowing Him to speak to your heart; the outcome is fantastic, you will not regret it!


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