New Beginnings

“Here we go, here we go, it’s a brand new day! And I sing cause I know that you’ll lead my way. Life is good in a world where your wonder never ends. So here we go again!” – Here We Go Again – PureNRG (off of their album ‘Here We Go Again’, 2008)


Last August I wrote about my hatred of the month and how I wanted to redeem it. I talked about how August is the 8th month and how Biblically the number 8 symbolizes new beginnings.
This year as July rapidly comes to a close and August approaches I am reminded repeatedly that 7 represents completion and 8 new beginnings. I have decided that this year instead of dreading the memories that are sure to be heightened, to look for and embrace the new beginnings that come my way.
As July 2017 comes to a close so does a chapter of my life, another month has been finished and closed, and with it a new chapter starts. I do not know how my life is going to change, I do know that life is always progressing and changing so changes are coming. God is on the move in my life, I can feel it. Something big is coming and with each passing day the excitement grows. I am not sure what He is up too, but He keeps reminding me that He is the author and His stories are amazing. He keeps asking me to trust Him.
I feel as though I am entering a new year and not a new month, so instead of making “New Years Resolution” I am making “New Beginnings Resolutions”. I am not fully sure what they will all be, but I do know I want August 2017 to be a month I look back on with fondness. I want it to be a month where I am aware of the blessings that flow from the Lord. I want it to be a month of laughter, joy, and hope. I am refusing to be a “victim of August” and instead to be a “victim of grace, joy, peace, and hope”. I want to become more aware of His goodness, love, and provision. I want to see all the ways He brings about restoration and new beginnings as they unfold. I want to be able to recognize those moments and thank Him for them as they happen.

I encourage you all to use this transition from 7 to 8, from July to August, from completion to new beginnings to make changes, to trust Father more fully, to embrace what comes. New beginnings are coming, restoration is coming. I do not know what that looks like for me, let alone for any of you, but I do know that we serve a God who keeps His promises. I do know that we serve a God who is intentional and even when it appears like He is doing nothing, He is doing something. He is always working in our lives, growing us, pruning us, and teaching us. I cannot wait to see what He is doing behind the scenes that I cannot see.


  • Jeremiah on

    Amen, sistah! Thanks for the encouragement!


    • Simply Sarah on

      I am glad it could encourage you, Bubby!


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